Saturday, May 24, 2008

Are the lights of academic freedom going out in the UK ?

As the man with the cigar said, if so we may not see them again in our lifetime.

Research led to police response. The research was on Islamic terrorism, which is a legitimate research topic. Two persons were held in custody for six days, a student and a lecturer.

Responses from persons connected with Nottingham University, found at same same URL, are most interesting. As someone who has been a seasoned 'real' academic who has never at any time AFAIK been, or wished to be, in a public protest or a demo, all this is coming almost later than I expected. How to deal with this ? Those concerned should have clearly sorted this out by now.

Brown's own academic background, involvement in campus violence and early personal relationship with a Romanian Princess, are also vaguely intriguing, tamed details here. He may have actually lost some eyesight during campus violence although doubtless everyone claims now it was "football".

IMO: Will it soon be too late if we want even a peaceful demonstration against jailing legitimate academics, effectively without trial, in the UK, at the effective request of a prime Minister who has clearly been made to panic by both media and public. No blame to Gordon, but the corrupt and plausible Blair with his apparent shrew of a wife must be a hard act to follow.

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