Saturday, April 05, 2008

UK ISPs spy on customers

BT, Virgin Media, and Carphone Warehouse have agreed to feed data on their subscribers' web activities to Phorm.

BT tested secret spyware on tens of thousands of its broadband customers without their knowledge, it admitted yesterday. The scandal came to light only after some customers stumbled across tell-tale signs of spying. At first, they were wrongly told a software virus was to blame. BT said it randomly chose 36,000 broadband users for a 'small-scale technical trial' in 2006 and 2007

It seems that the information commisioner, who ensures the data protection act is followed, may (if they are not cowardicewise a FSA clone) be investigating BT to see if the law has been broken - there's a strong possibility it has been.

IMO: Frequent visits to the BBC's Top Gear site might result in being served up more car ads, for example. Or if plastic explosives, flying in planes and terrorism interest you, maybe you will wind up in the courthouse -some have done so already. I hate to think what will happen to BT, Virgin or Carphone Warehouse users who dare to criticise Gordon Brown, or Ken Livingstone, or Douglas Cameron, .. or indeed anyone at all.

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