Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Tikait arrested, gets bail

BKU leader Mahendra Singh Tikait today reportedly surrendered before the chief judicial magistrate in Bijnore and was granted bail on a surety of Rs 20,000 by the sessions court. Tikait had made casteist comments at a political rally, and Chief Minister 'Taj corridor' Mayawati didn't like it.

Jat leader reportedly apologised by saying: “Mayawati is like my daughter...I am even ready to apologise for any wrong utterance. After all it is human to err.”

IMO: Very civilised, a pity USA can't have such civilised people in office. Certainly, jail for casteist comments may well be fair enough, given the background to such matters, but both casteist and anticasteist attitudes so often play to the political gallery. Obviously, the Congress/Raj Thackeray matter comes to mind. A pity in some ways both of the Clintons are not sent to jail because of racist comments over Obama as that would - perhaps - make US politicans act in a more socially dignified way. As it is, it looks as though the Clintons could make the Democrats lose by their apparent endeavours to prevent a nigger of muslim descent being US President. Sordid stuff. Deep South populism stinks. Maybe all the Clintons should be lynched, to help the Democrats survive.

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