Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Stop blocking the internet, Olympics committee tells China

The vice-chairman of the IOC co-ordinating commission said blocking the internet during the Games would reflect poorly on the host nation. He voiced confidence that the Chinese understood the need for open access to the internet and that they would comply.

Instead, apparently a “political mobilisation order” had been issued to the paramilitary by the dirty old porn watchers who seem to run China now and should be persona non grata everywhere, telling them to prepare for an arduous time ensuring control before and during the Games in August. “The drums of war are sounding, a decisive battle is at hand. For the sake of the Chinese nation’s image and for the honour of the People’s Armed Police, let us never forget our duty.”

IMO: Many sites are likely to remain blocked, including Wikipedia which refers to recent known Chinese atrocities. As for safety, that is likely to keep the upper class Chinese safe but obviously not foreign visitors who are basically of no importance to the locals. If China does not observe the requests of the Olympics committee in the above regard, China iis already breaching the spirit of the Olympics. The Olympics could still be withdrawn from China, but who cares.

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