Friday, April 04, 2008

Is China the new Auschwitz ?

An article in the Washington Post certainly seems to imply that it may be. It is quite a long article, but points which seem to have substance include the following:

Torture is very common in China's detention centers, labor camps and prisons. Torture methods include electric shock, burning, use of electric needles, beating and hanging, sleep deprivation, forced chemical injection causing nerve damage, and piercing the fingers with needles. Every year, there are reported cases of Chinese citizens being disabled or killed by police torture.

Labor camps are still retained as a convenient Chinese system which allows the police to lock up citizens without trial for up to four years. The detention system is another practice that the police favor, freeing them to detain citizens for six months to two years. Dissidents and human rights activists are particularly vulnerable targets and are often sent to labor camps, detention centers or even mental hospitals by authorities who want to simplify legal procedures and mislead the media.

The Chinese government has been selling arms and weapons to Darfur and other African regions to support ethnic cleansing and crimes against humanity. The Chinese authorities have forcibly repatriated North Korean refugees, knowing that they would be sent to labor camps or executed once back home. This significantly contravenes China's accession to the "Convention Relating to the Status of Refugees" and the "Protocol Relating to the Status of Refugees."

We (the Post) firmly hold to the belief that there can be no true Olympic Games without human rights and dignity. For China and for the Olympics, human rights must be upheld!

IMO: One reason why more does not seem to have already been said about such matters elsewhere is the apparent involvement of people like Rupert Murdoch with making a lot of money in China. No reasonable person today would claim Jews were all as bad as was alleged by Hitler, but it would certainly seem that a few right wing converts to Christianity fit Hitler's descriptions. And Bob Maxwell and 'a few others' should not be confused with honest people of any religion or views. I will not comment about the athletes who still participate in the China Olympics, nobody expects over much brainpower from some of the 'jocks', but more protests would certainly seem to be in interests of the longer term future of the Olympics, and of course of the Chinese people as well.. However I must point out that apparently athletes are being excluded from both the paraOlympics and the Olympics because they happen to disagree with current Chinese policy. Surely that is totally out of line with the Olympic spirit. It certainly gives unfair chances to athletes of a lower moral fibre. Football gave itself a boost by its refusal to support apartheid in South Africa, a pity athletes still fall for the Nazi line nowadays.

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