Tuesday, April 01, 2008

China and Tibet

I feel very sorry for the Chinese as they have taken the wrong course. I have read much Chinese propaganda recently and unfortunately it seems to be untrue. What is to be done ? My earlier blog posts, and particularly Lord Desai's comments, unfortunately do sum up the situation. As for India's apparent cowardice over the matter, I would take the view that they are presently right from their side to continue their present policy of appeasement. But slaughter, reminiscent of Hitler's Reich has already begun and there is no clear evidence, even in the somewhat less pusillanimous attitude of Sarkozy, that we will get a better result than that of 1930s Munich Olympics.

IMO: Maybe the USA should change the name of their "freedom fries" to "coward's fries" as the US administration is acting like a bunch of greedy cowardly hoodlums, which indeed is the European perception of the USA anyway. Why do not the USA boycott the games or at least strongly protest the Chinese behaviour, like Pelosi only much more strongly. Hitler's behaviour led to no benefit to Germany, to say the least, and George 'Nixon' Bush should not be such a coward.

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