Sunday, March 30, 2008

Tibet is one thing, but India and China tensions spell bigger disaster

There is an article in The London Times today with the above heading. At the moment it cannot be obtained, but there are copies elsewhere on the web, for example here .

The article makes a number of sensible points, for example it implies that, with George Bush as President, India's economic growth may soon exceed that of China. The article is a long one, and may be worth reading. Whether the situation will remain if the somewhat naive Obama becomes US Preident is hard to say. It is hoped he will "see the light" when in office, just as the UK never abandoned their nuclear deterrent despite Labor's often believed intent to do so.

IMO: It would regrettably have been foolish for the UK to abandon their deterrent, and India could be an honest, though occasionally critical, friend of the US.

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