Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Tata LRJ acquisition

Tata Motors is now in a position to straddle the entire automobile market — from the cheapest Nano to the luxury end represented by Jaguar. The SUVs and other passenger cars would make up the middle segment. At some stage, Tata Motors will have to think of producing these brands locally, as well as in the larger Asian market, including China. JLR’s worldwide presence also presents Tata Motors with an opportunity to export their Indian products, Nano for one, which has managed to arouse substantial global interest.

IMO: Ford harmed the Jaguar image when they tried to pass off what was almost a hyped up Mondeo as a Jag. Tata can improve that situation. But to me, in the medium tern ecofriendliness seems the most important factor in car manufacture. For example, cleaning up the disastrous Kolkata situation - Banerjee will not be forgotten, and also bringing out proper ecofriendly cars. I have no idea whether the Tata air car has been well thought out but petrol/diesel are or should be, on the way out. Even GM seem to be trying to be eco-friendly in a limited way with the Chevy Volt, and ecofriendliness is the future - if there is any future.

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