Sunday, March 23, 2008

Surveyors thrashed after Singur spat

Villagers stopped the two cars returning from the 'Tata Motors' site and searched for the officers. They dragged out surveyor Gautam Do and driver Asok Das and beat them up.Pragatishil Shechchhaye Shilposthapan Samity convener Dibakar Das conceded that the villagers had genuine grievances. "WBIDC officers have not kept the promise they made while taking land from the farmers for the sewerage system," he said.

IMO: It seems a pity that these surveyors behaved so dishonestly. It is certainly bad for the profession of surveying when this happens. Perhaps there should be more effective ways of taking surveyors to task than this, even when their bad activities lead to such serious results. Certainly if I had taken notice of one UK surveyor I would be dead by now and he would probably have stolen my house. I am trying to follow that matter up through the UK politicians.

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