Saturday, March 22, 2008

Man-eating fish caught in drain

Apparently .in Witham navigable drains, a fierce walking fish was caught. It can walk on land for three days at a time. "It had a mouth full of razor-sharp teeth and weighed a little under 3lb". A photograph was sent to the Angler's Mail for identification as Channa micropeltes. "It has no fear. It attacks humans when protecting its fry."

IMO: We know that some fish are smart. Even some quite small fish can count up to four. This places them on a par with the numerical abilities of monkeys and human infants between six and 12 months old. I am a vegetarian and do not feel happy that these sentient creatures are being eaten, even by Christian bishops who then go on and preach, apparently for political ends, against scientific attempts to alleviate human suffering, using rather dubious arguments about the so-called about the sanctity of life. Such people will die some day, so lets hope it is at the hands (or fins) of a maneating fish, who be now may rightfully feel towards them even more badly than Falun Gong may feel about the Chinese authorities.

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