Friday, February 08, 2008

Archbishop of Canterbury 'should resign'

Archbishop of Canterbury 'should resign'. A senior Church of England clergyman called today for the resignation of the Archbishop of Canterbury, Dr Rowan Williams, it was stated in the London Times. The Bishop of Southwark, the Right Rev Tom Butler, also challenged the Archbishop's comments. The means of forcing an archbishop out of office are costly and arcane.

IMO: These resignation suggestions have been made over a period of time. There are now believed to be less members of the Anglican faith than of the Roman Catholic belief system, a faith which as applied in Europe seems fatally flawed. However the "Gay" lobby has made great dents in the numbers of Anglicans by effectively turning existing clergy etc. to the less good (in Europe) Roman Catholic church. Now a Muslim lobby is apparently doing something similar for some Muslims (who in my experience at least are trivial in both numbers and faith in Islam) as Wiliams's views on Islam seem to be absurd and hence are easily capitalised on. This is not said as a criticism of Muslims or homosexuals, or a suggestion that the Anglican Church should be less tolerant. We only have to think of the life of Christ, who befriended at least one notorious prostitute for clearly good moral and socially acceptable reasons. We cannot know the full outcome of his behaviour, as the good lady's writings seem to have been largely destroyed by men, but it seems that what remains can only give added praise to Christ, who himself got together a gang of 'disciples' and beat up the crooked local priests who were almost certainly living off such women, and Christ himself was of course then tortured to death by crucifixation. IMO there is certainly a case to sack Williams and possibly even to excommunicate him.

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