Tuesday, January 29, 2008

John Birch Society exposes US Govt corruption - U.S. media gagged

Document 203A-WF-210023 seems to prove US officials stole nuclear secrets for eventual sale to Pakistan and Saudi Arabia. Everyone from leading blog Boing- Boing to the John Birch Society and the UK Times dislike this. Together with recent evidence that Musheraff has been using US funds, not against the Taliban but to line his own pockets and prepare to try to start a war with India, the current situation looks bad. Since the offical US Press do not try to discourage this, the left may almost be on the side of John Birch Society (named after the eponymous US Intelligence agent and Baptist minister).

IMO:Democracy is not functioning at all well, particularly in the US. The only guy worth a vote seems like Edwards and even here non US citizens may remain sceptical. So exposure of this latest US Govt scam just seems to show how far the country is going into the doldrums. The worst thing is, that this bad US behaviour is a filthy smear on the value of all democratic ideals.

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