Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Electric Cars

Tesla founder Eberhard said on the teslafounders blog about the proposed Chevy Volt : "If the Volt can allow for true plug-in electric driving for those short trips, while giving potential buyers confidence that they can take a long trip whenever they want to, this will be a HUGE improvement in gasoline consumption. if the Chevy Volt was available on the market today, I would definitely buy one."

In the meantime, at Tesla itself, 26 people, about ten per cent of total staff, are losing their jobs. An anonymous worker at Tesla called the job cull "a stealth bloodbath".

IMO: We do not hear much about the redundancies at Tesla and most people who read that news think that GM is up to its historic old tricks again. Maybe, optimistically, there should be an an opportunity for Tata to take the lead from GM in cars, but I don't see it happening in the forseeable future under present Tata policies.

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