Monday, December 10, 2007

Plans for CBD Belapur - Vasai waterway

'Mumbai, November 5: Mumbai’s proposed water transport service from Borivali to Nariman Point may be stuck in bureaucratic hurdles, but another route is now being proposed, to run from CBD Belapur to Vasai.

Thane’s guardian minister Ganesh Naik in a public function on Monday spoke of the possibility of starting a water route from CBD Belapur to Vasai and that its services could be taken up to the Gateway of India and Mahagiri in Thane.

Naik said that he has spoken to the state government in this matter and expects the services to start between Belapur and the Gateway of India as soon as possible.'

IMO: Such a ferry could be operated by well-tried catamarans and be very fast. But a similar service in Sydney down the Paramatta river to CBD was found by me to be mainly frequented by holidaymakers AFAIK, and ran intermittently and seemingly unreliably, though Australians like ferries for transport. Mumbai conditions are different of course, but a ferry to the Northern Oberoi Hotel has been mooted as long as I can remember and nothing done, at first I believe it was even to be a hovercraft. Also load capacity, even in a cat, tends to be limited. Still, it is a good idea.

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