Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Bloggers now matter: BBC report

According to a BBC World Service report (about 4:30 pm Mumbai time). An overwhelming majority of a large audience at a BBC broadcast in Cairo a few minutes ago agreed that the only source of news they could trust was from bloggers. I gather that possible other sources included local broadcasts (specific examples of misleading information given), Fox News (of course) and by implication the BBC as well (I'm afraid I agree - up to a point). Hurrah for bloggers ! We are possibly the world's last bastion of freedom.

A further broadcast from the BBC, apparently unconnected to the one just before, by a Mr. Rosenberg,the son of the Rosenbergs murdered in cold blood by the American Government with the support of the U.S. public and media, stated with reasons that we seem to be entering an era in the U.S. rather like the days of Senator Joe McCarthy, the man involved in part in the inhumane removal of the U.S. citizenship of the harmless scientist David Bohm, and of course with many other much more important atrocities. Scientists particularly should now beware of all governments, especially the U.S. and British Governments. But hasn't it always been so ? Ariana Huffington's paper recently commented, somewhat snidely, that now the U.S. government has a much wider choice, including waterboarding with beatings and various other methods of torture described in her online newspaper.

If the U.S. has lost the lead in many things like shipbuilding (to China), car manufacture (to Japan) and movies (Hollywood is now a poor third after Mumbai and Chennai), at least the U.S.A. still leads the world in murder and torture.

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