Sunday, November 04, 2007

Pakistan NOT under martial law

It is not complete martial law as the cabinet, national and provincial assemblies will continue to function. Pakistan President Pervez Musharraf has said he had been left with no option but to impose an emergency in the country to control growing terrorism and interference from the judiciary.

IMO: He has also used the opportunity to sack a lot of judges etc. who other people want, and there is massive opposition within Pakistan. India seems to show bemused tolerance, so far. A horrible lesson for India : 'Beware of becoming some kind of vassal or client state of the USA'. 123 is still probably OK, even if it is approved by Kissinger, and other crap like Buddha.. Musharraf is probably doing his best but most people are saying "Not good enough". This is a real chance for al Qaeda but I doubt if they have the gumption to take it. Even now, there is possibly a benign option of joining the India free trade Area, preferably as a democracy. Saudi and US suppost seem to cause only chaos.

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