Thursday, November 08, 2007


Buddhadeb Bhattacharjee had said the state has asked for a battalion of the Central Reserve Police Force (CRPF) to be deployed in Nandigram. Union Home Ministry was not keen on sending the CRPF right away. One reason was the shortage of forces and the other was Union I&B minister from West Bengal Priyaranjan Dasmunshi’s statement opposing deployment of CRPF in Nandigram.

Patriarch Jyoti Basu said, “The decision to send CRPF to Nandigram can be delayed for now". Basu said of Mamata Banerjee, “I have no animosity with her. She even came to my house on my birthday." Banerjee will not sit with Buddha, however.

IMO: I am reluctant to suggest that it is about time somebody got rid of Buddha, as in the context of Nandigram such a comment could be misinterpreted and sometimes, admittedly not even nearly often enough, Buddha is even possibly right! He may even have seen the light on 123. Unfortunately, perhaps the present 123 deal is something like all that can be hoped for.

Anyway, fresh violence erupted on Wednesday (7 Oct) at Nandigram with firing and bombs being hurled in which two persons were injured, police said.

The Front partners and a section of CPI-M, too, also criticised Politburo member Brinda Karat’s comments at a meeting in Kolkata recently. Brinda that the Opposition in Nandigram needed “Dum Dum Dawai” (a severe bashing) .

IMO: Such antisocial behaviour, which is seemingly mere politics and not heartfelt anger which seems so common in Nandigram now for good reason, seems to be counterproductive to decent law and order, particularly when said at a women's association as in this case. Overall, there are currently severe splits in the Left Front.

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