Thursday, November 01, 2007

Is the USA a nation of torturers ?

Bush wants to appoint, according to the US Press, another attorney general - Michael Mukasey - who obfuscates the truth about torture, and who, once confirmed, will continue to subversively retain America's franchise of torture hostels.

The Democrats can use their majority status to render the Bush administration's torture policy quaint and obsolete. Some of the Democrats, including most recently Senator Clinton, have declared their intention to vote against Mukasey for attorney general.

IMO: It does not seem to me correct that anyone should vote, within the US, for politicians who will not block torture. It seems to me that such people are, in terms of current rhetoric, worse than Adolf Hitler and nowadays most people would feel internationally and locally that such a vote would not inspire confidence. Clearly if the Democrats do not use their majority status it will seemingly place them in the eyes of the world as collaborators with torture, and will not be forgotten. It could also do world Christianity a body blow.

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