Sunday, October 28, 2007

Up to 9 killed so far in Nandigram this week - Mamata Banerjee fired on: Murder of intellectuals next ?

Kolkata, October 28: Blood continues to spill in Nandigram.

In New Delhi, BJP President Rajnath Singh condemned the reported firing on Trinamool leader Mamata Banerjee and called her up to express solidarity. Singh said the incident is yet another example of the complete breakdown of law and order in the Left-ruled state and also indicative of the CPM’s intolerance towards its political opponents.

It was alleged that Chandrima Bhattacharya and other Congress leaders were dragged out of a vehicle and assaulted. The vehicle in which they were travelling was also attacked and damaged. The Congress leaders were then forced to leave the place. A formal complaint was lodged by the Congress with the local police station.

Mamata Banerjee phoned union home minister Shivraj Patil from the spot and informed him about the incident. She demanded the Centre’s intervention and the imposition of President’s rule in West Bengal.

CPI minister Nandogopal Bhattacharyya criticised the attempt on Mamata’s life. He demanded that the police officials in charge of law and order in the area be immediately suspended. He demanded the arrests of the CPM workers and supporters involved in the attempt to kill Mamata. Similarly, RSP and Forward Bloc leaders also condemned the attack on the Trinamool leader.

The police remained a spectator and it did not act against the two warring groups involved in severe clashes at several places. No arrest was also made in connection with today’s violent incident in which firearms and other weapons were freely used and houses in Takapura village and other areas adjoining Nandigram were burnt.

IMO: Looks like typical Fascist communist tactics. The inevitable bond between the pseudo-communists, fraudulent big business and corrupt police seems to be the order nowadays. The next step may be the murder of intellectuals, which to a limited extent has begun already with the neo Romeo/Juliet style matter of Rizwanur Rahman. Rizwanur Rahman, an 'intellectual' of sorts, actually volunteered to turn Hindu (from being Moslem), though you have to admit that that can't have cut much ice with a bunch of wealthy Marwaris from around U.P. Anyway that matter does not really seem to have been a Moslem/Hindu conflict of the type which emerged due to excessive acts by traditionalism on both sides, which seems to have its historical roots in the rebellion against the Raj and the attempts to destroy syncretic values, but instead, simply the intolerant greed of corrupt big business allied with defaced Marxism, and the corruption and determined ignoring and connivance of the petty authorities. Sorry if I'm beginning to sound like Dave Spart, but that is how it looks to me.

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