Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Linley reported as blackmail target

Huffington Post and other US papers say: Who is the British royal family member at the center of the sex and cocaine scandal? It's not Charles, Edward, or even Harry but Viscount David Linley, son of the late Princess Margaret, twelfth in line to the throne, sources tell Radar.

His story is blowing up the British papers today, but British law prohibits any of them from naming the hard-partying royal. As the tale goes, two men demanded £50,000 from 45-year-old Linley in return for footage allegedly showing a royal aide talking of gay sex with him. The aide is also allegedly seen on a video tape taking cocaine from an envelope embossed with Linley's name. More from URLs in "Huffington Post".

IMO: What seems to me to be bizarre are the strange UK privacy laws. Around here the coke dens and killings are extreme, the bastards apparently tried to murder me the other day - and I do not even drink alcohol, let alone anything more. The country is going to the dogs and bastards like the royal family are dissolute and hang out with murderers and torturers. They are as bad as the Queen and Gordon Brown, who, it appears, associate with dodgy Saudis. Disgraceful.

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