Saturday, October 20, 2007

Health matters.

The Government was last night accused of covering up a damning report showing how hospitals with high bed-occupancy rates are to blame for the rise in killer superbugs on wards.

IMO: My understanding is that at least 20,000 deaths a year in the UK are caused by filthy hospital wards. This was stated on BBC radio by an 'authority'.. I, myself, had to tactfully escape from an NHS hospital a few years ago and nowadays many people fear hospitalisation.

Health Secretary Alan Johnson has confirmed that a survey revealing how the risk of infections such as MRSA is far greater in overcrowded hospitals has been gathering dust in his department for at least three years.

IMO: PFI is at least partially to blame.

If Mr Johnson wants to fight a class war with consultants, why does he not give ward sisters the power to discipline them? The UK Telegraph recalls the story of a ward sister in the days when they still had unfettered authority who found a doctor had put sticky bandages on a patient's unshaven arm. Her response was to put the same bandages on the doctor's arm and then ripped them off, so he knew how it felt.

IMO: Hanging hospital consultants up by the ears is still illegal in the UK, but doing so might create more mutual respect between them and the public.

Guidelines on safe alcohol consumption limits that have shaped health policy in Britain for the past two decades were "plucked out of the air" as an "intelligent guess". This was actually confirmed by some of those who prepared the guidelines.

IMO: I would call the guidelines a 'moron's guess', as subsequent events have proved that sensible people should normally not drink alcohol at all if they are correctly given the facts. Otherwise, they ain't sensible. So much for Mr. Haig and his 18 pints a day nonsense. Cameron at least seems to mainly stick to tokes etc., but that is hardly the thing for a would be PM., and probably even more unwise, in fact criminally unwise. But so many parliamentarians are drunkards, drug addicts, lechers etc. that it is all lost in the crowd and one totally despairs.

IMO: Continual verbal battering of New Labor and its loss of public confidence. To my mind the Tories are much worse, in fact almost incredibly worse, and the LibDems patchy, though better in parts. It seems a pity that an often genuine desire to improve the health service by many people has, in particular, has met with so much spin, self-serving, and bigotry. The truth is that generally if you are seriously ill in a private hospital, you have to go to a public hospital to get sorted out. Many private hospitals in the UK are not even built to proper hospital standards, and improving private hospitals and particularly private nursing homes is often a real problem locally.

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