Wednesday, October 17, 2007

C. difficile - I told you - with bent judges too, very bad

UK: Patients who begged for commodes were told by nurses to "go in the bed", because it was less time-consuming than helping them to the lavatory.

IMO: I explained that this was happening in my blog of August 2nd, faeces all over, how it is. Sorry I have no time to say more as I am too busy avoiding being murdered by the criminal pimps (property speculators) who are now trying to take over the money the nurses get for their so called 'personal services' -. I am trying to organise a case to get substantial, exemplary, and punitive damages (last murder attempt on me happened a few days ago) using local services. What the chances are of justice in a system like the UKs I am not sure - slim to none, so far. Blair was not put in the slammer, presumably because other parties are just as bad. Two oddballs outed from the liberals and the Tories keep their mouths relatively shut.Bent UK judges and their servants - known to be many - could turn the UK into something like Albania, with its 'death for a death' policy for some. And to be honest, even now it is sometimes the only way for the poor in India. One reason why Naxals are so liked by some.

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