Friday, October 12, 2007

Alleged genocide perpetrator Turkey now apparently also seeks genocide fate for Kurds.

Turkey began about 90 years ago, as a nation constructed out of some remnants of the Ottoman empire, and was led very successfully by Ataturk as an essentially secular state.

Ferhat Kentel, a sociologist at Bilgi University in Istanbul said “The word ‘genocide,’ as cold as it is, causes a deep reaction in the Turkish society. Having been taught about its glorious and spotless past by the state rhetoric for decades, people feel that they could not have possibly done such a terrible thing.” He compared Turkey’s beginnings to a tenant who realizes that the house he has just rented is not new, but instead “has all kinds of rubbish and dirt underneath.”“Would you shout it out loud at the risk of being shamed by your neighbors ?” he said.

IMO:I think the world knows already, and Turkey is the ostrich of the year, with its head buried deep in sand. Rather like Soviet Lysenkoism, not a good thing for anyone but dictators and their henchman..

You could certainly see Ataturk's point, but the situation now is that Turkey, effectively a well meaning stooge of the USA, but with dangerous extreme Islamic tendencies, appears now hell bent to do another genocide. It apparently is giving its military a green light to cross the border into Iraq, following a number of ambushes apparently waged by a Kurdish rebel group with bases in northern Iraq. And on Wednesday, Turkish warplanes and helicopter gunships attacked suspected rebel positions close to the Iraq border. The current government, with its ostensible Islamic leanings, already has strained relations with the military, which is seen by some as the caretaker of secularism in Turkey. The Kurdish issue could be the Achilles' heel for the Turkish government.

IMO: Yerevan has excellent relations with Iran so this could involve yet another rather concealed CIA ploy. Some would say USA should have stayed with "Texas hold-em" and left international politics alone. It cannot afford involvement in yet more wars.

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