Friday, October 12, 2007

Al Gore has just become the Ray Kroc of Climate Change initiatives

With his Nobel laureate, scientifically valid facts, and the like.

This keeps climate change policy from being something that anyone else can take a lot of credit for, particularly the Clintons -- unless they can work out a deal. Gore actually has a huge global following now on climage change policy -- and Hillary Clinton, if elected, is going to need his approval and support, though it's going to be painful (on occasion) for her to ask for it. Gore's not the easiest guy in the world to work with. Gore knows he needs a strategic, capable thinker who can push forward hard-to-digest legislative imperatives in the White House. And, despite the Nobel Prize, Gallup says there is no 'Groundswell' for Gore for President. The 'GOP lite' Clinton will have to stroke the Gore machine to get a mutually beneficial arrangement that is somewhat win-win for both sides politically.

As for the crappy and rather minor UK judge who seems to dislike Gore - nuts to him. As UK Children's Minister Brennan mentions “Nothing in the judge's comments today detract from 'the Inconvenient truth'.”

IMO: A pity that science has to be dealt with politically - but it always has been. I always felt sympathy in some ways for the sentiment "The atomic bomb was OK as long as only General Groves knew about it - the trouble began when they let those scientists in on it". But the facts are there, we will all die if climate change is not dealt with, like it or not.

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