Thursday, October 11, 2007

123 again - perhaps the best real option ?

As OutlookIndia mentions, China and US big business have a cozy relationship. For the last three decades China has acted as a giant manufacturing factory, providing also cheap labour working in slave conditions, to enable US multinationals vastly increase their profit margins and cause loss of jobs to American workers. Big business leaned on US governments to allow a five to one trade surplus to China.

China's system runs on exports for which US cooperation is crucial. America's system runs on overdraft for which China's lending is crucial. China's links with US big business allow it to exercise powerful influence over all democratic (??) governments with which it deals.

This has led to an unspoken alliance between the so-called Left and so-called Right in India which should explain the odd reactions that the Indo-US Nuclear Deal has aroused within India.

Indians should ignore disparate arguments from questionable sources betraying dubious links, and focus on a single fact: if a non-NPT nation like India signs the deal it will achieve a unique distinction.It will be recognized as a nuclear power. That would enhance significantly its global role.

IMO: Best summary I have seen so far in favor of 123 or something like it. Probably, perhaps regrettably, the best real option on the table.

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